What would that be! De Bruyne reveals Man City didn’t train before the game against Manchester United

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Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that his team rarely train. Before the game that beat Manchester United 0-2 last week

 Credit: GETTY

The 30-year-old playmaker revealed that Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City. Leading the team for just 10 minutes of practice before attacking Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

Pep Guardiola led the “Blue Sails” army to beat the “Red Devils” to the local area 0-2 last week. With a goal from an own goal of Eric Bailly and another goal from Bernardo Silva throughout the game, the visiting team can dominate the game clearly. In which throughout the game, Solcha’s team shot directly on the frame only once.

Many people may think that it is because Pep Guardiola is well prepared. So the picture of the game came out as good as it looks, but “De Bruyne” revealed that their team didn’t prepare much before the game. Pep took the team to practice for only 10 minutes because they didn’t know Manchester United would. which plan do you use

“Before the Manchester United game, Pep told us I don’t know how they will play. we will see together And then we stopped training after 10 minutes,” De Bruyne told the Dutch podcast Mid Mid.

“Often Pep knows how the opponent will play. But this time he didn’t know. So I don’t know what to do. We play the pattern of what we have always done. But we didn’t know in advance if they would play with a five-man or four-man defense, a four-man midfield diamond or three strikers, so Pep couldn’t have guessed.