Singha fans are furious after they caught the mount in the team farewell clip before moving to the ghost.

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Causing the followers of the Blue Lions to express their dissatisfaction after the capture of Mason Mount from the club farewell clip before moving to Manchester United that was released on Tuesday.

   A keen-eyed Chelsea fan claims Mason Mount may have recorded his farewell video a month ago. Pictured of him at Carrington training ground on Tuesday July 4, 2023 before his £60m move to Manchester United in his natural look. A Chelsea fan (@CFCBlues_com) posted a photo of Mount that combines a photo of him on vacation last month. With blonde hair and a photo of Carrington with brown hair. 

Singha fans are furious after they caught the mount in the team farewell clip before moving to the ghost.

    by that fan page wrote a caption saying “Just saw someone say Mason. Mount must have had a farewell video recorded a month ago . ” “(Bottom right is him at Carrington today).” The last time he went blonde was June. Now he’s back to brown hair? Congratulations on the PR script you read Mason

     Mount released a video on his social media channels on Tuesday night, July 4, 2023, confirming. He will be leaving the club for Manchester United. And the manager he worked with during his 18 years at Stamford Bridge, while many fans applauded the video’s personal gestures from the player. But some people have more doubts.

          Mount appears with bleached blonde hair in the video, with the look in the clip being the look we saw him weeks ago when the season ended. Photographed in Manchester 48 hours ago with brown hair. which is a return to his original appearance. Chelsea have rejected three bids from Manchester United for. Mount and it is widely known that the midfielder is keen to move to Old Trafford. 

Mount debuted his bleached new look on June 11 and has remained in that look as talks between Chelsea and Man Utd continue United continues. But with the mount returning to his old look 48 hours ago and the transfer has yet to be officially confirmed, Chelsea fans accused the midfielder of recording long in advance of the transfer. move out

          A number of Blues fans expressed displeasure, such as: “Mason Mount had white hair in the Chelsea fans farewell clip. But this man came for a medical examination with black hair. This means that the farewell message video was recorded several weeks ago. This guy is the correct definition of ‘fake'”, “I swear by my life… Mason Mount no blonde at launch tomorrow 😭”, “Mason’s video. Mount isn’t the latest video because of his hair”, “His PR team did their best until the very last moment to convince everyone that he wanted to stay”, etc.