Shearer reveals Liverpool must give their all if they hope Salah stays

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Former Newcastle United forward Alan Shearer has revealed. Liverpool will have to empty their laps if key player Mohamed Salah agrees to a further contract extension.

Mohamed Salah is clearly a key player for Liverpool, with his excellent on-field performance. It playing a key role in helping Liverpool win the Champions League and the English Premier League. Success and with such a great performance on the field. Mohamed Salah immediately caught the attention of many teams. Plus the contract was only one year left. Which Liverpool did not want to release important players from the UFABET team. in all cases

Mohamed Salah rejected a new contract for too little, with Mohamed Salah demanding £400,000-a-week. Just like Kevin De Bruyne, who has reached £400,000 with Manchester City and now Liverpool wait for Mohamed Salah to return before discussing a new contract with Liverpool. May have to pay what Mohamed Salah wants.

And Alan Shearer advises Liverpool to pour all their laps if they want to extend Mohamed Salah’s contract further, with Alan Shearer in an interview saying: “Mohamed Salah’s performance With Liverpool, it is unbelievable and there is no way Liverpool will let Mohamed Salah leave the team, of course, but it depends on whether Liverpool are ready to pay the wages Mohamed Salah wants or not, and if If Liverpool want Mohamed Salah to stay at the club, they have to pay what Mohamed Salah asked for.”