Ronaldo makes an indecent gesture towards fans After shouting the name “Messi” 

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Former Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo made an obscene gesture towards fans. After yelling ‘Lionel Messi’ during a Saudi Pro League game yesterday.

    Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to act rudely to the Al -Hilal supporters after they shouted Lionel Messi’s name in front of the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star. Madrid , the 5 Ballon d’Or superstars had an unforgettable game yesterday. When Al-Nasser suffered a 2-defeat to Al-Hilal. 0, which puts them three points ahead of the crowd in Saudi Arabia Pro League , while leader Al-Ittihad has played less than 1 game.

Ronaldo makes an indecent gesture towards fans After shouting the name "Messi" 

        as he walked off the field Ronaldo was greeted with cheers and shouts of ‘Messi Messi’ from Al-Hilal fans. But instead of ignoring the shouts, the 38-year-old grabbed and shook his brother. while walking to the tunnel Ronaldo who netted the kick in this game. But was forfeited during the game could be disciplined for his gesture towards Al-Hilal supporters.

  During the game was defeated by Al-Hilal. Ronaldo was also given a yellow card by Premier League referee Michael Oliver for a headlock foul on Gustavo Gueyar. Which is a bit unusual for the player. And this work makes many people. Reminds me of a UFC fight when the Real Madrid legend decided to lock his opponent. Before dragging Guerillar to the ground and, of course, getting him a yellow card.

         In this game, former Manchester United striker Odion Ighalo scored two penalties to help Al-Hilal beat Al-Nassr. Since moving from the red devil army free in December Ronaldo has scored 11 goals in the top flight. He was allowed to join the Saudi club after Manchester United. United terminated his contract following an interview with Piers Morgan in which he reprimanded the UFABET club and manager Erik ten Hag.

Al-Nasser has now qualified for the semi-finals of Saudi Arabia’s King’s Cup Champions. England’s FA Cup equivalent, they face Al-Wehda in the competition’s quarter-final on April 24. But first they will play a league game as hosts. Against Al-Raeed next Friday, Ronaldo will have to make Al-Nasser Return to the path to win the championship again But they won’t face current leaders Al-Ittihad again for the remainder of this season. So, unfortunately, the title race is now out of their h