Newcastle plan to hunt Rabiot to strengthen midfield

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Newcastle United are set to join Juventus’ French midfielder Adrien Rabiot in January after having been unsatisfactory at Juventus. Despite having Get continuous playing opportunities.

Adrien Rabiot has been with Paris Saint-Germain since his youth days. Before being pushed up to play for the first team. It looks like Adrien Rabiot will do some work. Excellent until becoming the main character of Paris Saint-Germain. Successfully, but after a long stay with Paris Saint-Germain. Adrien Rabiot eventually chose to move to Juventus. Free for a new challenge in his career. Adrien Rabiot seems to be doing a very satisfactory job.

But with the changes that come all the time. Adrien Rabiot seems to have become a surplus for Juventus. Plus the news of the transfer continues. Juventus are ready to release Ade. Rian Rabiot leaves the team if a satisfactory offer comes in to consider the entry of Massimiliano. Allegri will make Adrien Rabiot return to the mainstay of Juventus successfully. But his playing time is not that big. His performance on the pitch is not good. how satisfying

Most recently, Newcastle United were ready to bring Adrien Rabiot to the team in January immediately to strengthen the midfield and salvage a team’s dire crisis after failing to win even a win. One match and now it has already fallen into the relegation area and it seems that Juventus will not close the opportunity to move Adrien Rabiot’s team, just have a satisfying offer coming in. consider only