Mahrez looks set to part ways with Man City

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Manchester City’s Algerian right-wing Riyad Mahrez is set to part ways with Manchester City. After being reduced to a role as a substitute at Manchester City. They are now keen on Riyad Mah. Race to join the team.

After leading Leicester City to win the English Premier League. It was Manchester City that decided to bring Riyad Mahrez to join the team for a fee of up to 58 million pounds. It seems that Riyad Mahrez will still do. Excellent work as usual until becoming the main character. Manchester City has succeeded in having to face great opponents within the team. But in some matches Riyad Mahrez was reduced to a role as a substitute only. To allow other players to get some opportunities on the field.

But in the 2021/22 season. It appears that Riyad Mahrez will be reduced to a full-fledged substitute. His performance on the field is not satisfactory. Only two goals scored in all eight appearances. The English Premier League battle. A reduced role, news of the transfer of Riyad Mahrez’s team began to emerge immediately. Mahrez chose to stay with Manchester City.

Although Riyad Mahrez still hopes to return to Manchester City. Riyad Mahrez has a contract with Manchester United. Chester City until 2023 only makes the transfer rumors start to look possible immediately. Although Manchester City do not want to let Riyad Mahrez leave the team.