Lampard reminds Chelsea fans about ghosts and guns after Champions League elimination

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Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard reminds fans Manchester United and Arsenal after last night’s UEFA Champions League elimination.

Frank Lampard reminds fans Chelsea recall Manchester United and Arsenal failing to qualify for the Champions League after the Blues were eliminated by Real Madrid last night (Tuesday April 18, 2023). LCS faced an uphill battle to reach the semi-finals after losing the first leg 2-0 at the Bernabeu and losing by the same scoreline in the second leg at Stamford Bridge. Bridge Chelsea are currently 11th in the Premier League and closer to the relegation zone than top four. 

Lampard reminds Chelsea fans about ghosts and guns after Champions League elimination

         Lampard has lost four games in a row since returning to west London as manager. but believes that he can ‘Building what needs to be developed’ for success next season But the former England midfielder admits that no team has ‘easy rights’. without trying’ to play in the Champions League, in reference to Manchester United and Arsenal’s absence from the competition.

         Both Manchester United and Arsenal have spent years in the Champions League over the past decade. Although both clubs are likely to return to the top stage of European football next UFABET season. When asked if he was confident Chelsea’s absence from the Champions League stage would be short-lived, Lampard’s interview after losing to Real Madrid with a total score of 4-0 said 

         “Saying that a team has the right to get it easily. To get into the top four and play in the Champions League, it’s difficult. Manchester United had moments out of the Champions League, Arsenal had moments out of the Champions League, so many big clubs have. “ During this time Trying to predict what will happen in the future – whether it’s good or bad – is quite unreasonable. I’m here for obvious reasons. Because this season is what it is and this role I’m playing.

         “Can I affect it in this moment? Hopefully yes, but the greater thing for the club is that we want to get back to where we belong. But the challenge is big ′′ Every club is investing. Maybe some clubs are more stable than us right now in terms of teams. So I don’t think we’re ahead of ourselves in terms of moments like tonight’s disappointment. As a coach before in the Champions League we have to set those standards high again. And I said the same old thing. 

But only group work and having a clear direction from the group is the way.” “Let’s see. In my next seven games I’ll do a mini version of that. If the form of play improves I think it will give the fans a good feeling and make us feel good in the summer. And I think that’s what we can look at.

    Lampard also said his team had a lot to offer in the Premier League, even if they were eliminated from the Champions League. “I just see it as an opportunity to work here every day. Which is a pleasure for me because of my relationship with the club,” he added. “I like that side. don’t like losing games. I came into a team with low confidence, lost a lot of games, we didn’t have time to work. Now we have a little time to work ′ ′ Outsiders may check our name off. Whether it comes in 8th or 12th or whatever. For me it means a lot. For me that was a challenge. Chelsea, who have already had three managers this season , will return to action next Wednesday against west London rivals Brentford.