Kessie has rejected the contract offered by AC Milan.

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AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie is set to part ways with AC Milan. The end of the 2021/22 season because he recently rejected a new contract offered by AC Milan tidy.

Although AC Milan could rise to the top of the Serie A side once again. Many players have decided to part ways with AC Milan for a successful career. Players especially in the case of Franck Kessie previously had news of moving the team out all the time. It was Manchester United wanted Franck Kessie to join the team. But AC Milan didn’t have it. Plans to release key players like Franck Kessie out of the team. Ready to offer a new contract as well.

So far, Franck Kessie has only a few months left on his contract with AC Milan, but AC Milan is confident that Franck Kessie will definitely stay with AC Milan, and the latest has been filed. A new contract for Franck Kessie was considered before it was quickly rejected and Manchester United are ready to sign Franck Kessie immediately in January to strengthen their defense in the midfield. Middle after separating with Paul Pogba

By Paul Pogba is about to expire with Manchester United and now there is no talks about a new contract, plus the latest is Paris Saint-Germain, who are ready to bring Paul Pogba to join the team in advance and If Manchester United have to lose Paul Pogba out of the team, they are ready to bring Franck Kessy to join the team immediately, plus Franck Kessie is ready to part ways with AC Milan.