Keane reveals many players shouldn’t play for Manchester United

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Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has revealed that many players should not be playing for Manchester United. After a disappointing and lackluster display in their latest match against Manchester United Lester City.

Manchester United have to work hard to visit Manchester City. They are on the way to the championship. Despite not losing many games in a row. In just 5 minutes Manchester City have scored. Leading quickly, although it came to a goal equalizer from Jadon Sancho. But only 6 minutes, it was Kevin De Bruyne fired 1 more goal for Manchester City. Making Manchester City the back side. To lead Manchester United again.

Continuing to the second half. It was Manchester City who did better before getting another 2 goals from Riyad Mahrez. Opening the house to defeat Manchester United 4-1. Which Roy Keane was disappointed with. Manchester United’s performance in the latest match. Also chopped many players that they should not play for Manchester United even by Roy Keane said in an interview: “I can feel that many players give up. quickly.”

“For me, giving up is completely unacceptable and it is normal for football to face defeats but to fight until the last minute and not give up since the ยูฟ่าเบท game is not over and this is what it is. I saw from Manchester United in the last match that it is very embarrassing and many players don’t deserve to play for Manchester United, especially midfielders who let the other side invade. Easy throughout the game.”