Joe Cole reveals Chelsea are good enough to win the English Premier League

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Former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole is confident Chelsea will secure the 2021/22. Premier League title with a brilliant performance and Chelsea remain at No 1 in the table.

Chelsea remain a contender for the English Premier League title every season with a very strong mainstay. Although some seasons are far from champions. But the arrival of Thomas Tuchel has elevated Chelsea. C has risen a lot and only the first season that came in has helped Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League successfully until the 2021/22 season. Chelsea has performed excellently. Now still ranks No. 1 in the English Premier League points table.

Chelsea are undefeated in five consecutive games in the English Premier League and have won four of them, although the latest game has only been drawn with Burnley, but Chelsea still hold the rankings. 1 of the same points table, plus Chelsea are still the number 1 favorite team to win the English Premier League, which Joe Cole is confident that Chelsea will definitely win the English Premier League after the result. An excellent job with Joe Cole said in an interview.

“I have been following Chelsea’s performances in every match and I can feel that they are a very strong team, especially defensively with almost no goals conceded, which is important for title-winning teams. Just one game in the English Premier League and only four goals scored in 11 games.