5 clubs that “Ronaldo” has the opportunity to join the team If parting with Manchester United

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Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo 36 may decide to part ways with Manchester United if the clubs fail to qualify for the Champions League.

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British media such as The Sun have speculated about a future club that Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to move to. If you decide to bid farewell to Old Trafford. Which has up to 5 clubs.

Manchester United’s form of play is unpredictable in both the league. In the Champions League They are currently ranked 6th in the scoreboard. Six points behind the top four from 11 matches. A pretty big gap as well.

While winning tickets to the Champions League seems to be the most intense. when arsenal Returning to good form again Moved up to rank 5th in the score table. Over Manchester United again! And with Manchester United‘s inconsistent playing form right now. Causing the 36-year-old spearhead to move from the team if he loses his ticket to the European Cup

The five clubs that Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to join are Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Sporting Lisbon and Inter Maia. blatant