Observe whether children are at risk of committing crimes.

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Nowadays, the age of criminals who commit various crimes in the media tends to be decreasing every day. Over the past year, we have heard and seen a lot of crimes involving children and youths. In addition to the nature of the case being a shocking event in itself, What’s more shocking is that it’s hard to believe that the perpetrators were only children or youths. The worst we see might be elementary school children who prank their friends to the point of death. Or a teenager who gets into a fight and physically injures another person until they are seriously injured. Or even worse, to the point of killing each other. At only ten years old he was already a murderer.

Observe whether children are at risk of committing crimes.

The fact that we have to sit and read the news about crimes committed by children or youths doesn’t seem bad enough. Because we will see that the offense was very clever. or there is brutal use of various forms of violence It’s no different from adult criminals at all. For children and youth to commit crimes of this magnitude is very unusual in society. Yet these problems are not recent. It’s been around for a very long time. But adults still don’t give importance to solving problems in the right way.

However, this problem may begin to be prevented from the family institution. Parents must pay more attention to this problem. Including observing your child’s behavior to see if they are at risk of using violence or not. In order to solve the problem before it is too late. Because of the child’s violent behavior If found early in childhood There is still a chance to fix it in time.

Angry to the point of being unable to control themselves.
Young children can demonstrate aggressive behavior. When they begin to develop emotionally Will begin to express when feeling dissatisfied If the child has a strong temper tantrum Furious and unable to control his own emotions. Go on a rampage when angry, destroy things, hurt yourself, hit your parents or other people close to you when things don’t go your way. When parents try to control but find it very difficult. Taught and then disobeyed If this is the case, it is better to consult a child psychiatrist. Let your doctor determine the treatment you need to stop this behavior. This is not unusual or embarrassing in any way. It’s better than letting it grow like that. It will affect the long-term life of the child.

Imitative behavior
Imitation is normal human behavior. We tend to follow almost everything we see. Especially in children and youth who are learning. The environment that a child sees has an influence on the child. Starting from expressing yourself by imitating because you are ignorant. If there is no one to train and teach that what you see is bad behavior. Should not be imitated You will understand that this is normal. And the more I see that when I do it, there are people who pay attention. I do it and I’m cool. Plus, I’m excited because of my age and being with bad friends. 

There will be behavior imitating each other in the group in order to make friends. As for families where violence is regularly shown to children Children will absorb those behaviors. Because if parents can do it They can do it too. Understand that there is nothing wrong.

View from your child’s friends
Children and youth are the age when they begin to enter new society and get to know people other than family members. There is a tendency for children to become attached to friends. And take the behavior of your friends with you if you choose to associate with bad friends. Because they will try to make themselves accepted in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet gang. To get along with others in the group, there may be invitations to do things that are not right, such as drugs, property crimes. violence in school Parents therefore need to give time to monitor their children regularly and continuously. without finding fault until the child feels uncomfortable It’s not like calling to talk and telling you to stop dating that friend. Otherwise, they may run wild, but they must be taught gradually and understandably. To know right and wrong If you see that it’s not good They will back out on their own.

Have experienced violence before
Children who have been abused or have experienced domestic violence It is an important reason why children grow up using violence. Part of this is the behavior of imitating parents. I see my parents can do it. It’s normal to do nothing wrong, so just follow along. But the other part comes from the wounds in the hearts of children who were once victims. The consequences of having such a bad experience act as a driving force for children to engage in violent behavior. It is a social disorder that attempts to take revenge on the cause of suffering. have an antisocial personality Therefore expressed by using violence. Lack of empathy for others lack of remorse lack of restraint The feeling of numbness, not being afraid of anything. And the important thing is Put yourself at the center

Raising children with neglect
When there is news of a shocking crime Murderers are often taken for mental health evaluations to determine whether they suffer from schizophrenia or are simply antisocial. In cases that do not suffer from schizophrenia Most of them will find that their childhood background has problems. Growing up in an environment that was not suitable for development and learning, parents raised and neglected to train and teach. Rejected by family members Refusal to exist in society or abandoned This is one factor that makes them use Violence solves many problems because they never feel safe in their families or in society. So try to create safety by yourself. They think violence can keep themselves safe from the elements.